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SOON moving across to WORDPRESS

Dear Parents, Just a quick message to let you know my blog platform will soon be changing over to WORDPRESS for better, more improved services and features. Much love, Samantha x

PART 1 - Excellent SPELLING Resource - Scholastic Spelling Cards

SHOEBOX CAFE TUITIONHOMEWORK TIPS FOR PARENTSPART 1 - Excellent Spelling Resource - Scholastic Spelling Cards
We all know learning to spell is key but also very challenging! The English language is one of the hardest languages to learn. As adults/parents, we forget actually how hard it is. In my experience over the years, yes, repetition again and again can help. We all know working memory is a muscle we must exercise daily, but oh how this can become a bore and quite frankly a nightmare when you are 7, 8 or 9 and learn best through interaction, play, socialising, life experience and practical hands on tasks etc. My very simple philosophy at home, to best help your child learn is to turn everything into a game...a challenge! Children love, love, LOVE this and what's even better, you can adapt any game to have as many family members as players as you wish. Say goodbye to letting your child complete their spelling homework sheet on their own at the table whilst you're cooking din…

Spring is here! Daisy Chains

DAISY CHAINSIt's that wonderful sunny time of year again, when we can play with our children in the park making daisy chains together! On days like this, I feel refreshed, happy and very lucky! #springtime #wellnesswednesday
#childcare #lovebeingamum Enjoy your day, Best wishesSamantha

When you realise tomorrow is Monday...

When you realise tomorrow is Monday 😂 Have a great week everyone!

How Shoebox Café was born...

Shoebox Café -
How Shoebox Café was born...
This idea was created during a good old family discussion over skype with my parents whilst I was living and working in Asia in 2012. My mother and I were actually discussion how impersonal social media was making peoples relationships. Whilst the idea of facebook has created more connections, we were missing the real face to face socialising that seemed to be more and more difficult to arrange. This lead on to Pen Pals and how great it would be if we could appreciate and make more effort to keep in touch with our friends via letters, emails and postcards again and how I personal touch can really brighten up someones week. From, here my father anecdotally retold a story of his little suitcase in the loft that after 55 years, held his entire life's worth of memories (that actually happened to have a family of mice nicely nesting inside). We all remember and may still have a Shoebox underneath our beds with some…

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You're never too old to learn something new!

We're never too old to learn something new...I absolutely love learning and trying new things...more so now I'm in my 30s. It feels as though it's taken this many years to figure out who I am and now I'm finally at a stage in life where I have a new found appreciation for wanting to learn again. Have you ever felt this way? For 2018 I promised myself I would make more time for things I love, my hobbies. No excuses! And on top of this, I've decided I would love to study #Reflexology Having received many, many hours of this amazing technique myself, which I first discovered when travelling Asia, I am now finding myself so much more interested in the body, the mind and how this simple technique can literally heal you as well as feeling amazing! So this is my new venture! To study a Diploma in Reflexology. One day I will be qualified and able to give a little back to others who would benefit. #thenextchapter dough :)



Shoebox Cafe Tuition and Childcare -
We are relocating...
It has been an absolute pleasure teaching and caring for your children in Wiltshire. We have loved every moment and it is sad to leave so many faces! But, we are also filled with excitement for the new opportunities and adventures ahead of us back home in Scotland! 
We will be setting up our business within my gorgeous home in Glencarse with the exciting additional prospect of expanding my private tuition to #ONLINE TUITION as well as face to face. With technology changing our world at an incredible rate, we have so many new tools and platforms to help make learning fun and interactive in the comfort of your own home. How is that for convenience? 
I will be updating and preparing this new venture over the summer with hope to take off in August 2018.
And, once again, it has been a pleasure to all those I have met in Wiltshire. You will be greatly missed.
Samantha x x x

NEW - ONLINE TUITION August 2018 :)

Shoebox Cafe Tuition and Childcare -
NEW for August 2018 - Online Tuition Lessons Available  I'm very excited to expand tuition to a new online platform as well as face to face! Contact me for more details at: 
WATCH THIS SPACE...more details to follow soon!