PART 1 - Excellent SPELLING Resource - Scholastic Spelling Cards



PART 1 - Excellent Spelling Resource - Scholastic Spelling Cards

We all know learning to spell is key but also very challenging! The English language is one of the hardest languages to learn. As adults/parents, we forget actually how hard it is.

In my experience over the years, yes, repetition again and again can help. We all know working memory is a muscle we must exercise daily, but oh how this can become a bore and quite frankly a nightmare when you are 7, 8 or 9 and learn best through interaction, play, socialising, life experience and practical hands on tasks etc.

My very simple philosophy at home, to best help your child learn is to turn everything into a game...a challenge! Children love, love, LOVE this and what's even better, you can adapt any game to have as many family members as players as you wish.

Say goodbye to letting your child complete their spelling homework sheet on their own at the table whilst you're cooking dinner. It is meaningless, lonely and anything but fun!

Make learning a fun experience that your child takes part in with you, together!! Why is it a child knows and learns so much on a family outing? Because they experienced it with you and learned through all the family discussions and experiences that took place.

Trust a mother, I totally 100% understand the biggest issue for parents is time! Oh how time just runs away with us. But....a game only needs to take 10 mins.

10 mins is all that you need to exercise our memories. 10 mins every day!

One of my favourite and recently most favourite spelling resources used with my students during tuition, are these fantastic Spelling Cards from Scholastic.

This particular set is aimed at Years 3 and 4. A prime stage for learning new and more challenging words.

It is simple... Use them to play different memory games!

GAME IDEAS and INSTRUCTIONS to follow in my next post...

Keep your eyes peeled!


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