You're never too old to learn something new!

We're never too old to learn something new...

I absolutely love learning and trying new things...more so now I'm in my 30s. It feels as though it's taken this many years to figure out who I am and now I'm finally at a stage in life where I have a new found appreciation for wanting to learn again. Have you ever felt this way?

For 2018 I promised myself I would make more time for things I love, my hobbies. No excuses! And on top of this, I've decided I would love to study #Reflexology

Having received many, many hours of this amazing technique myself, which I first discovered when travelling Asia, I am now finding myself so much more interested in the body, the mind and how this simple technique can literally heal you as well as feeling amazing!

So this is my new venture! To study a Diploma in Reflexology. One day I will be qualified and able to give a little back to others who would benefit.



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