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Guess which topic we're currently studying...

Nothing like making it really obvious and the kids love it! 

We've reached the halfway've nearly reached the summit!

"Balance is not better time management, but better boundary managemant. Balance means making choices and enjoying them."   – Betsy Jacobson Do your batteries feel drained? As you climb towards the final days of term, feel proud of everything you and your students have achieved. As the going gets tough, remember to take care of Number 1! An easy thing to say, but too often missed. We've worked hard enough without punishing ourselves further by forgetting simple personal treats and care. As I type this post for you, even though I'm excited to write it, I myself have reached the point of no return and my hair has not seen a good day for about two weeks! Albeit with my curly locks, working in Malaysia with the intense 30 Degree heat, doesn't make it easier. Frizz, frizz and more frizz! Some of the tasks completed by myself in the last 3 weeks are as follows; Class Residential, Residential Assembly performance, Whole School Art Exhibition, Reports, Parent-teacher inter…