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Reports, reports, reports!!!

Up the mountain we go! It's that time of the year again when I'm permanently glued to the computer. As I type this post, I have unfortunately got distracted from my reports in the need of having a break! ;-) Whilst I sit here chomping on a double chocolate subway cookie, I am attempting to have a quick 5 minute break. 


Break over! 

1) Set up your student files by gender! This is very simple and stops the issue of needing to find and replace he's, she's, his, her, himself, herself...etc. 2) Inside your gender files, set up 3-4 differentiated folders (Low, middle, middle-high, high) 3) Create a bank of general comments in-line with your differentiated groups, copy & paste for every child in that group followed by a quick edit and tweek. 
If you have any other fantastic ideas to support with this long tell! ;-)

Get your students to mark it for you!! Great tips :)

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We all know that peer and self assessment is the best way to ensure that our students are truly reflecting on their progress. It's with self and peer evaluation that helps young students learn how to assess their efforts and achieve the highest level of thinking; evaluation. 
What do you think? How do you feel? What do you think you have improved? How have you improved since your last attempt? Was your outcome successful? If so, how? If not, why? 
Not only is self evaluation crucial, peer evaluation offers our students the opportunity to learn how to provide supportive and constructive feedback to others. A necessary skill needed in employment.
It can be very challenging to implement this with our timetable demands. How can we find the time to do this?
Tip 1 - train your students in a few weeks with this simple key! Symbols are quick and easy to complete. Older students can spend more time writing reflection statements whilst younger children…