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NEW - Peacock Series, Art by me!

Dear followers, I'm really pleased to be painting again. My new series 'Peacocks' is underway. I am also currently developing an Art gallery page here on my blog. This will be ready soon. Greetings cards and prints will be available for those special occasions. You can email me directly at for more information on my art projects. Here is a quick peak at some...  Peacock's Feathers by Samantha Rix 2016 His eye by Samantha Rix 2016 More to come. Join our Art and Crafts ShoeboxCafe community to share great creative ideas together... ShoeboxCafe on Google+  Bespoke Handmade Art & Crafts/ideas/tips/wellbeing advice, yummy recipes, aromatic coffees, healing herbal teas, essential oil therapy and more. Relax and enjoy being creative! 

Father's Day - Art

Father's DayA great easy and simple. Have a go at making your own card this year. This technique only requires paint, a fork, a paint brush and card. Simply use the fork as a print template. Once you have made your tulip heads, add some stalks with a brush. Your dad will love it!