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Why does teaching make me fat???

Here are some adjectives that I often describe myself as when I am run down and feeling...well let's just say it how it is, feeling like rubbish; sluggish, fat, fatigued, knackered, exhausted, beat and I'm sure many more. During a very hard and busy term, it's incredibly easy to begin to feel this way. But why? Yes, teaching is hard and demanding, but I love my job which has left me confused for a few years. I enjoy teaching, with great job and self satisfaction on a daily basis, so why am I feeling like a hippo that would rather float around in a pool of mud???

Raise your hand if you recognise these following bad habits: holding the need to pee because you're in the middle of a lesson, struggling through the pain of your over flowing bladder because as you were on the way to the toilet, you got side-tracked by a parent or your boss who just had to speak to you at that very moment; missing your snack breaks because you've got to get the homework marked and back out …

IGNITE your own professional development! Great Tips...

A very dear professional friend of mine (+carmen blythTheTeacherWhisperer@teacherwhispers) once gave me some excellent advice. After she had taught for many years across the globe, whilst casually swimming along and talking about how I could improve my professional development...she left me with two very profound and eye-opening tips:

1) You must take charge of your own professional development yourself. You are on your own and don't expect anybody to put it on your lap. Do it yourself! 
2) Wear great clothes, do your hair, put on a pair of heels and flutter your eyelashes! It's true that this works wonders! Do you look like you're trying to impress anyone?

There comes a time in everybody's career when you feel stuck. You've got so far and don't know where to turn next. I was so inspired by my friends words which were so simple. I knew I could at least manage point 2 very easily, but I pondered on point 1 for a few months. How can I take charge of my own professio…

R2M! Is your class doing this?

What's R2M? Is your class doing it?
Thousands of students, whether young, teenage or adult love star wars! As such, its characters are a great way to inject some captivating, visual stimulus into your classroom. 
So what is R2M? Inspired by the character's name R2-D2, R2M stands for 'Respond to Marking!' 
This is simply time that teachers give to students on a daily basis (where possible) for students to reflect and respond to marking. This is an incredibly important step in the learning process and often missed due to timetable demands. However, I have found that simply adding this to your daily routine (approx 5-10 mins) is positive in many ways; Students take more time and care over their work by checking, correcting and evaluating.Students enjoy responding back to their teacher.Students appreciate their marking more.Student's discussions on learning outcomes are more proactive, positive and reflective.Student's understanding and knowledge of their progress i…

Advertised now on Netmums :) Childminder - Corsham

Shoebox Cafe Tuition and Childcare -

Now advertised on NetMums! :) 
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Shoebox Cafe Tuition & Childminding POLICIES now ONLINE!

Shoebox Cafe Tuition and Childcare -

UPDATE: My Tuition and Childminding POLICIES are now online for your convenience. Please feel free to read if you're interested in my services. I have also uploaded my Childminding Welcome Pack including forms you may need to complete at home.
Take Care
Samantha Rix 

New Website and Facebook Page name - Updated

Shoebox Cafe Tuition and Childcare -

Hi Everyone! Hope you're enjoying your half term. As it is the holidays, I am catching up on some website improvements. Please note that my usual website and facebook page name (Samantha Rix Tutoring) has now changed to reflect all new aspects of my business. 
Website is Now: SHOEBOXCAFE
Facebook Page Url: SHOEBOXCAFE1