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We are relocating...

It has been an absolute pleasure teaching and caring for your children in Wiltshire. We have loved every moment and it is sad to leave so many faces! But, we are also filled with excitement for the new opportunities and adventures ahead of us back home in Scotland! 

We will be setting up our business within my gorgeous home in Glencarse with the exciting additional prospect of expanding my private tuition to #ONLINE TUITION as well as face to face. With technology changing our world at an incredible rate, we have so many new tools and platforms to help make learning fun and interactive in the comfort of your own home. How is that for convenience? 

I will be updating and preparing this new venture over the summer with hope to take off in August 2018.


And, once again, it has been a pleasure to all those I have met in Wiltshire. You will be greatly missed.

Samantha x x x 

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