Private Tutor Wiltshire - £28 hr ENGLISH, MATHS KS 1, 2 & 3, Piano, Music Theory Grd 1-5 and Art up to A Level

Private Tuition - Corsham Area, Wiltshire

English & Maths-Primary KS1&2 and Secondary KS3
Piano/Music Theory Grd 1 to 5
Art Up to A Level

Phone Miss Samantha Rix on 07563862808 or

£28 per hour pp      £15 per 30mins pp
(15% Discount if students travel to my business address.)

Group Rates - Contact me for more information as this rate depends on numbers.
(£30 an hour for GCSE or A Level Art Tuition)

A bit about me...

Since becoming a new mummy and being on maternity leave, I have decided to re-start my tutoring services. I offer Piano Lessons & Music Theory, Grades 1-5, Key Stage 1&2 Curriculum Support (any subject), Homework support, SATs preparation, IT Computer Skills Training and Personal, Social, Health development through creative craft activities.
I have been teaching in a variety of primary schools, both in the UK and Internationally (Asia) for 12 years. Over the years I have offered private tuition to support pupils in need. I enjoy both classroom and private one to one, small group teaching. My favourite subjects are Art & Music and I now thoroughly enjoying learning every day with my newborn son. Motherhood is simply amazing!

I grew up on Dartmoor and loved running about in the fields, climbing Tors and collecting stones in rivers. I once caught a trout when fishing which my father sold in his pub as dish of the day! :) I attended Torquay Girls Grammar School, specialising in English, Art and Geography to A level. At the same time completing grades in music for singing, piano, flute and clarinet. I also loved Drama club, cookery and textiles classes. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, so I completed my Bachelor of Education Degree specialising in English, 4 Years at Plymouth University. In my spare time now as an adult, I enjoy painting and making jewellery or crafts for fun. I have always loved travelling and was fortunate to see many places during my childhood.

Once I had taught in the UK for a few years, I decided to embark on my own travels and teach abroad at the same time. I worked in a British International School in Penang, Malaysia for 3 yrs. I met an extraordinary group of people from all areas of the globe. I had a fantastic time. Whilst out there I visited many other places. My favourites were Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Cambodia. Key skills and responsibilities I have had during my career on top of classroom teaching so far have been; Literacy & Assessment Co-ordinator, IPC International Primary Curriculum Development, Thinking Skills Trainer, Art Leader, PSHE Personal Social and Health Education leader, pastoral care and lead staff training and parent workshops in Reading, Writing, Maths and Art.
Now I'm a mum! My beautiful son is just 5 months old at the time of posting this blog entry. He changes every day and I am experiencing watching him grow and learn in ways I've never experienced before in teaching.
I adore my job which is why I can't let go of it completely, so whilst I'm taking a break from school at the moment, I am available for tuition support.

Tuition information...
All the lessons I provide are tailored for your specific needs. I offer an assessment and review introduction lesson for every new student without additional charges.
Lessons are sold in blocks of 10 and can be booked as regularly as you wish. The best results are seen if each student has weekly lessons or more if required. Each block of lessons must be paid in advance to secure bookings and completed within 3 months. Should you not use all lessons before the end of the 3rd month from the purchase date, payment for lessons cannot be refunded.
Lessons are offered as one to one or small groups, maximum 4 children. For group lessons, I offer discounted rates to support families. Some parents find it financially easier to create a small group of students so each child can enjoy their extra support with their friends and at a cheaper rate (piano lessons one to one only). Please contact me for more information on group lessons. For piano lessons, I own and play on the new Yamaha Clavinova CLP 545 which is a fantastic electric piano. It plays and sounds like a Grand Piano with superb features providing a huge variety of sounds, recording and listening playback options. Brilliant for lessons. 

For more information on classes and bookings, please call me on 07563862808 or
Follow me on twitter @MissRixTeach

Areas I cover local to Corsham

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