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Welcome to my BLOGFOLIO! Here I will update many things related to my professional field, teaching! Blogging seems to be the way forward, so I'm giving it a go and trying something new! I enjoy sharing expertise and have done so in person with colleagues either whom I work with or met at courses, but I've recently joined communities online and it's one of the best sources of professional development out there! The sky's the limit! I love researching interesting articles on the web and getting that feeling of inspiration when you find a good one. If you have a blog, please share your link with me! 

As well as this, I am the creator of two other BLOGS:

1StepEnglish - Description: taps into my Learning English ONLINE platform to support my specialism in English (ESL) Launched January 2013

The Staff Room (Teachers Only) - Description: this is my way of creating a hub for teachers to get together and share great practice...it's also for fun! ;) NEW Launched March 2013

Please follow these links and if they interest you, join us! 

I am new to the blogging world, so your support is greatly appreciated! 

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Miss Rix

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